Council votes Tuesday on Innovation Pavilion incentives

JOLIET – The CEO of Innovation Pavilion said Monday that he plans to start small in Joliet rather than opening the full campus depicted in preliminary plans.

Vic Ahmed told the City Council during a presentation that his plan is to build innovation campuses for millennial-generation entrepreneurs across the U.S. with multiple facilities totaling between 100,000 and 200,000 square feet.

Speaking with reporters later, however, Ahmed said he plans to open with one building in Joliet and has not decided what kind of services it would provide.

“Our approach now is to build incrementally,” Ahmed said.

Starting small will allow him to open sooner than in two other cities where Innovation Pavilion has development agreements but no buildings yet, Ahmed said. The City Council will vote Tuesday on a development agreement that includes $200,000 and free city-owned land downtown for Innovation Pavilion once it applies for building permits.

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