Innovation Pavilion (IP) and Colorado Technology Association (CTA) team up for the 2nd Annual Colorado DEMO Day in Silicon Valley. On Tuesday November 14th in Silicon Valley, IP and CTA will host an all-day expo showcasing progressive CIOs from some of Colorado’s leading companies. Over 100 VCs and angel investors from Silicon Valley will be there to engage with Colorado startup and high growth companies that will pitch for funding.  The event will commence with a Talent Happy Hour session to celebrate Colorado’s awesome companies with Silicon Valley techies. Interested companies can apply now!

This year Colorado CIO and Secretary of Technology, Sumana Nallapati, will deliver a keynote address on the opportunity and successes of the technology sector in Colorado.

The key areas for this All-Day expo are Internet of Things, Digital Health, Cyber Security, Aerospace and Ad-tech.


Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Location: Plug and Play Tech Center, 440 N. Wolfe Rd. Sunnyvale, CA. 94085

Time: 9am-6pm

Invite: This event is invitation-only to VCs, Angel Investors and Colorado companies who participate. Press welcome.

Apply: Colorado’s high growth companies can apply at


IP’s CEO, Vic Ahmed and CTA’s CEO, Andrea Young agree that building a strong bridge with Silicon Valley is key to continued success for Colorado’s Tech Ecosystem.

Launch Show: Synchronicity with Mayor Mike Waid- Fiber for Business 

Synchronicity is an Innovation Pavilion SMART City community, a collective of Mayors, city innovation leaders and large & small SMART City companies. This consortium provides thought leadership and creates content to educate other city leaders and their citizens about the possibilities of SMART City initiatives.

October Synchronicity Event: Fiber for Business and Residents


Host: Mike Waid, Mayor of Parker


Ken Lucas, Centennial Council Member

Stephanie Piko, Centennial Mayor Pro-Tem

Ryan Mulligan, Smart City Expert:  WSP

Vic Ahmed, Founder: Innovation Pavilion

Adam Eisner, VP Networks: TING


When and Where:

October 10th, 2017

3:00pm- 4:00pm  Synchronicity Event

4:30pm-5:30  IP Community Happy Hour sponsored by TING

                        Arapahoe Libraries Tech Road Show

Innovation Pavilion, IPNow Studio

9200 East Mineral Ave

Centennial, CO 80112

This event will be broadcasted LIVE on Innovation Pavilion’s Facebook Page at 3pm.

Partnered with 

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IP’s GO2O! Accelerator Hits the Ground Running

Innovation Pavilion’s GO2O! Fall 2017 Accelerator Cohort kicked off last week with high energy and a successful 3 day sprint. The cohort companies include 8 second-stage startups within 4 industries: Aerospace, Ad Tech, Digital Health and Cyber Security. 
Throughout the autumn season, the cohort companies will meet at regularly scheduled sprints with investors, mentors and advisory boards for an intensive, curriculum-driven program designed to advance their business to success. During the coming months, the companies will learn strategic planning and gain access to funding, customers and supply chain manufacturing. 
The cohort companies include:
  • AdKiosks: A digital ad platform that enables advertisers to display unlimited products from a single ad space.
  • AxsKey: A comprehensive solution for securing encryption keys, devices and data.
  • Beseeq: A new advertising and sales channel that enables advertisers to present selling messages directly to consumers, authenticate their identity, measure their level of engagement and pay them for viewing them.
  • Global Justice Solutions: A software services and technology consulting company serving the justice community.
  • LivestockLens: A digital animal health app platform providing AI-enabled Individual Livestock Management (ILM).
  • Playpal: A digital heath gaming platform addressing the fitness and wellness market.
  • Spinal Surgical Strategies: Provider of innovative spinal surgical solutions that significantly improve patient outcomes while reducing cost.
  • Tailwind Imaging: Provider of low-cost aerial imaging and remote sensing solutions to the agricultural, oil & gas and financial industries.
Each month will feature the companies within each industry, highlighting their business and their unique achievements. Stay tuned for the exciting updates to come!
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Denver Startup Week: Can Denver enable the coming space Data Revolution?

Innovation Pavilion Founder and CEO Vic Ahmed took part in Denver Startup Week as one of four panelists on Tuesday September 26, 2017. The panel included Dylan Taylor, David Mitlyng, Dr. Nina Radojevich-Kelley, with moderator Wells Person. Together they discussed the future of the space data revolution in Denver and how to maximize success in Colorado. Held at Metro State University’s new Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building, students, professors and entrepreneurs gathered to listen in. 

“Space is our destiny,” were Taylor’s opening words. Dylan Taylor is a leading angel investor and founding partner of Space Angels, a global network of commercial aerospace investors and entrepreneurs.

Panelists discussed how aerospace accomplishes an enormous amount of data collection with a wide array of uses for dozens of industry verticals. Additionally, it is now cheaper than it’s ever been to access resources, and venture capitalists and angel investors have been able to invest in startups working to revolutionize the industry. Realized concepts like reusable rockets reduces costs and, more importantly, increases cycle time, getting more satellites into space faster and giving way to more data collection. 

Vic Ahmed voiced his opinion that not enough STEM skills are being developed in young people interested in aerospace. Dr. Nina Radojevich-Kelley, a professor at MSU, believes that universities across the nation will soon implement a Space Management degree option for students interested in pursuing that type of career. She also mentioned that there are strong courses offered throughout Colorado for entrepreneurs. 

Creating an environment that connects aerospace entrepreneurs, investors and mentors will help build the community to progress Denver’s stake in the data revolution coming from space. All panelists agree than innovation centers will be a huge resource for these developing communities and an important piece in making Denver the go to hub moving forward. 

By Keegan Lape

Denver Startup Week: Silicon Valley, VC’s View Outside the Bubble

Vic Ahmed was back in action for Denver Startup Week as moderator, leading a discussion comparing Silicon Valley with Denver. Peter Gadjos, Patrick Riley and Dale Bathum were the panelists at the event on Wednesday Sept. 27, 2017 at the Turing School in downtown Denver. 

Panelists argued about the different mentality found between Silicon Valley and Denver. Some believed that Silicon Valley has harder working entrepreneurs, which is in large part why the area has been able to garnish such a prolific reputation. Dale Bathum, President of the Keiretsu Forum Rockies Chapter, disagreed, stating that Denver startups show great work ethic and dedication to their companies. There was also debate about the returns desired by each panelist, with some expectations of receiving 100 times for their investments. Peter, the managing director at Presidio Partners, works primarily with health care equipment and thinks two to ten times returns is much more realistic for his investments.

One thing all panelists agreed on was the importance of work/life balance for Denver entrepreneurs. Unlike Silicon Valley, Denver values their time away from work, which is part of what has grown the area to be such a successful hub for businesses and startups alike. Though this standard might deter select venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, it has been a center piece to the success on the Front Range. 

Panelists also weighed in on what they thought the most important factor is for creating a successful startup in any location: 

“30 years working with startups and the same things are important: Team, Market and Idea” said Ahmed. Riley agreed that, “Team is the most valuable aspect in creating success,” while Gadjos explained, “the number one factor for business success is timing.” 

Each panelist seemed to have a different idea about where money is being invested with startups, with answers ranging from health care to real estate to tech; a positive sight for all startups with investors covering several different industries. 

The event saw great engagement from the audience, with nearly a dozen questions being asked by attendants before the time expired. 


By Keegan Lape

Denver Startup Week: Building a Patent Application in One Hour 

Innovation Pavilion teamed up with IdeaJam during Denver Startup Week on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 for a hands-on, educational workshop for building patent applications. The workshop took place at the Capitol One Café in downtown Denver where IdeaJam CEO, Jeff Schell, led the conversation with some 200 attendants. Alongside Schell was IdeaJam’s Lead Project Designer and Developer Joe Oldenburg and Patent Attorney Justin Cruz of Rocky Mountain Patent. Together they demonstrated their platform and how to use it, working with inventors in the crowd to answer questions and give guidance. 

The two-hour event gave inventors real-time experience in creating their own patents. Schell was happy with the turn out and excited at how successful it went. “Most participants walked out with a draft of a patent application,” said Schell, “that’s a great achievement!” Schell has helped create a platform that allows entrepreneurs to protect their ideas without all of the hassle. 

IdeaJam is a Colorado founded company that aims to help take an investors idea, get it patented and turned into a business. Denver houses a US Patent and Trademark Office, one of only five in the country. IdeaJam supports the inventor and entrepreneur communities of Colorado get their ideas protected as quickly as possible. 


By Keegan Lape

Keiretsu Forum Investor Pitch at Innovation Pavilion 

On Wednesday September 27, Keiretsu Forum investors gathered to take part in the monthly Investor Pitch at the Innovation Pavilion in Centennial, Colorado. Keiretsu Forum Denver Chapter President and IP CFO, Murray Arenson and Keiretsu Forum Rockies Chapter President, Dale Bathum organized the event were both in attendance along with dozens of investors.

The monthly Investor Pitch gives four startup companies a chance to sell their ideas and land the investment needed to grow their businesses. This month’s edition included BotDoc, Opticyte, Waggit and PatienTech. The presentations were well executed and investors were thoroughly interested, asking dozens of questions.

1) BotDoc is the Secure”FedEX” of Data; transporting sensitive information, data and documents easily and SECURE through cyberspace.  A corporation’s need to transport sensitive data is growing and the secure solutions they provide to consumers are growing in complexity.  As security measures have increased convenience factors have decreased significantly, leading most business’s to choose less secure means for their clients which opens them and their clients up to unacceptable risk.  BotDoc solves this conundrum by simplifying the experience while not imposing anything new or foreign on the consumer, no pins, passwords, accounts, apps or new software portals to learn.  Easy Simple transport with end to end encryption.  BotDoc: making secure business simple for your clients via a mobile device or computer.  We are patent pending for our process, we filed a provisional and are coordinating on the details from a final submission. Highlights:  CISOs from US Bank, Sallie Mae, Capital One and a few more that are joining our product advisory board. Current Raise: $750,000, valuation $4.5M, raised to date (received $130, committed additional $150)  


2) Opticyte addresses a significant unmet need for critically ill patients with a noninvasive ‘shock monitor’. No other company has such a medical device. The Company has a seasoned management team and advisory boards. A US patent was issued in March 2017, and Opticytehas a pipeline of new intellectual property on its novel cellular oximeter technology. It is likely that FDA 510(k) clearance will be sufficient based on predicate devices. The Company’s first raise is a $2.5 M Convertible Note ($4.5 M cap), and has raised $275K to date. 


3) Waggit is the only health & well-being monitor that provides key indicators to help detect health conditions early, improving and possibly extending the life of our dogs. The true insights come from the combination of vitals, body positions, sleep, activity, nutrition, location, and ambient temperature vs. every dog’s individual baseline. Waggit in its current incarnation is the only wearable that provides a comprehensive view of a dog.  As such, Waggit is exceptionally well positioned to win in the data market, with concrete revenue streams achievable in the near term. Waggit will start pre-sales Oct 3rd, ship in Q1 and has been in Beta since June 2017. Both consumers and Vets are loving their Waggits!  Waggit has a robust go-to-market plan, the right team to execute on a consumer play with a deep bench in brand and scaling, and will deliver $40M in annual revenue at the 3-year mark with a 68% GM.  Waggit previously raised $1.5M, $0.5M of which is a strategic investment from a supply chain partner who has committed to an incremental $1M when the first 2000 units are sold.  Waggit is currently seeking $1.5M in a convertible note with a $6M Cap and has closed $675K of the round.

4) PatienTech has successfully commercialized its patented smart fabric sensor and software in the areas of injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and health/wellness/performance improvement.  Our medical products prevent pressure ulcers (bed sores), which in the US market alone results in more than 50,000 deaths and $20 billion+ of additional costs on an annual basis. Additionally, we have commercialized the world’s first truly smart bed (which has won 4-5 awards for industry leadership/innovation) to consumers that improves overall sleep quality and comfort.  PatienTech had 2016 revenues of @$7 million and 2017 projected revenues of @$15 million.  Expect to close on debt of up to $2 million within the next several weeks. Current raise expected to be approximately $5 million of equity, approximately $2.5 million raised. Valuation:  approximately $32 million pre-money (approximately 2x revenues, some flexibility here)

Innovation Pavilion proudly live streams the event for registered investors, creating more exposure. To encourage local entrepreneurs and build Denver’s culture around startups, each month includes two local startup companies.

The next Investor Pitch will take place October 25th at Innovation Pavilion. Startup’s interested in applying can click here for more details. The screening for the next event will be on October 11th.


By Keegan Lape

IP Centennial Welcomes InXpress

Innovation Pavilion is excited to welcome InXpress Denver joining our offices in our Centennial, CO location.

Since the late 90’s InXpress has been a trusted shipping advisor and we serve our customers in many corners of the world by providing them with a complete shipping solution, tailored to their specific needs.

Welcome to our IP family! 


Senator Cory Gardner visits IP

U.S. Senator Cory Gardner dropped by IP Centennial last week to talk entrepreneurship, tech and the future of space innovation in Colorado.

Check out the interview here.

Upcoming IP event

Aurora-South Metro SBDC: 

The Cleantech Open Final Judging

The Aurora-South Metro SBDC is hosting the Cleantech Open Final Judging at the Innovation Pavilion on Tuesday, October 24th.  Eight teams will give their business pitch to a panel of judges consisting of venture capitalists, angel investors, college professors and sustainability experts. The Cleantech Open Accelerator runs from May to January each year and concludes with the Colorado Cleantech Awards Celebration, a collaboration with the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association.  The Awards Ceremony is open to the public on October 25th in Boulder.

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Software PE Investing Summit

Join RVC on October 17th from 4-8pm at CSU Denver 475 17th St. Denver, CO. We are calling this event the “Software PE Investing Summit” and we are hosting it in partnership with SoftwareColorado (formally Boulder Denver Software Clubs). This will be 1/2 day event with a keynote speaker (Alan Cline, Vista Equity Partners) an awesome panel and pitches from four investment companies. Register the discount code: PartnerSoftware17!

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Rockies Venture Club: 

Colorado Capital Conference

The 29th annual Colorado Capital Conference will be held in November. This year the theme is going to focus around the evolving role of MicroVCs in the startup ecosystem. The conference will take place on the evening of Nov. 6th at the Denver Commons and during the full day of the 7th at Noah’s Event Center in Westminster. The application window for pitching companies closes on October 2nd and early-bird registration is open as well.

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