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GO2O! is Innovation Pavillion's hypergrowth accelerator program designed for second-stage companies looking to benefit from a curriculum-driven program and exposure to key stakeholders in four crucial areas:

Strategic Planning | Access to funding | Access to customers | Access to supply chain

GO2O! is a semi-virtual, continuous accelerator: graduated companies can participate in the next cohort to seamlessly continue their acceleration.

ScaleTrek! 2018

ScaleTrek! is slated to begin in January 2018 and last through May. Applications are currently open.

No relocation required

GO2O! is a hybrid model comprising virtual sessions punctuated by three-day in-person “sprints.” This allows cohort companies to effectively participate in the accelerator without compromising on the benefits of their current location.

Deferred payment and equity contribution

Graduating companies will be expected to make a deferred payment and equity contribution commensurate with their success in securing funding and/or sales through the accelerator. The deferred payment will be applied to their participation in a future cohort.

No fees for participation

Selected cohort companies will participate in the accelerator free of cost. They will have to bear the cost of travel and accommodation during sprints, but will not be charged any upfront accelerator fees.

Equity back guarantee

If a cohort company does not get value out of the accelerator, Innovation Pavilion offers an equity back guarantee.


Companies to be Accepted




Portfolio Companies



The Fall 2017 cohort in supported by Innovation Pavillion’s niche entrepreneurial communities with expertise in each of the industry verticals.

Partnering with LightSpeed Innovations

LightSpeed Innovations is a pioneering aerospace accelerator based in Southern California. With five cohorts under its belt and a broad network spanning industry (corporate and start-up), government, academia and foundations/associations, LightSpeed brings incredible value to the GO2O! accelerator.