Innovation is in our DNA

We announced ADvocate in IP’s Innovation Awards in 2016 in front of more than 400 audiences and The Governor.

The Trade Desk

We acknowledge the innovators in the industry

Innovation Pavilion created the Innovation Awards specifically for the Adtech industry to highlight the innovative spirit of Colorado Adtech companies. The Trade Desk received an award at our 2016 event.

Epiphany Ai

Guided by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

Inspired by Epiphany AI’s startup spirit, we launched ADvocate in March 2016 at their downtown office.

1st Meetup

An industry leader sharing the spotlight with a startup

Vice President of Innovation Mike Davis at The Trade Desk shared the company’s vision for the industry before focus shifted to CBO Finn Faldi at startup AppThis for his introduction of a new Adtech innovation.

We’ve achieved so much in 2016…


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