Our mission is to conquer your inner fears of the cloud and turn the direction of your career. You'll master the ways of the cloud and obtain a solid footing so you can turn your company with you, create your own cloud based start-up or qualify for one of the thousands of openings available cloud related positions.

work on a real project and get a job

At the end of this rigorous achievement you will be armed with a certificate from IP and another from a well-recognized global education partner. You will have more than one real-life cloud projects in your portfolio and extensive support for job placement as well as apprenticeship (if you are just starting). You will also join the ever expanding community of like-minded academy graduates and go-doers.

Our goal is to help transform the US education system! We do this by partnering with STEM School and Academy in Highlands Ranch to replicate the charter school model and develop best practices for transformational education. This combines the proven successful educational model now in place at STEM School and Academy with enhanced entrepreneurial emphasis provided by the guiding principles at Innovation Pavilion. Our aim is to transform test scores and student engagement in a financially-viable way with per-student funding allocated by the state.