Pinal County of Arizona sits at the crossroads of major transportation corridors and on the threshold of being at the center of international commerce in the region. It should come as no surprise, then, that it is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States. It’s county seat, the Town of Florence, comes with a rich history and a progressive approach to the future. The rapid growth of both county and town, and the business friendliness of its leadership, makes them ideal partners at an opportune time for Innovation Pavilion to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.


In October 2017, Innovation Pavilion finalized a key partnership with Pinal County and Town of Florence in Arizona. Per the development agreement signed by the three parties, IP will develop a mixed-use innovation campus in Florence in partnership with the city, county and real estate developers. Preceding the development, Innovation Pavilion will convene local stakeholders and complete an innovation analysis of the Town of Florence.

The Florence Town Council demonstrated the same exuberance IP is receiving in municipalities across the nation and unanimously approved the development proposal. Reflecting this enthusiasm, Florence Town Manager Brent Billingsley shared, “The Town of Florence is incredibly excited for this partnership and can’t wait to be a part of the future partnerships that will be derived from this incredible opportunity.” Upon a subsequent approval on the county level, Pinal County Manager Greg Stanley expressed similar sentiments: “Pinal County looks forward to watching Innovation Pavilion grow and develop. We thank the Town for allowing us to partner in this exciting development.”

This agreement is the latest victory in Innovation Pavilion’s grand vision of developing innovation campuses and entrepreneurial hubs in suburban cities across the United States. The Florence and Pinal County engagement comes just on the heels of a similar announcement relating to the City of Joliet, Ill., where IP has already begun making great headway. “IP is most excited at this opportunity of working with the progressive political and administrative leadership of Florence who are on the path of building the city of the future,” commented Vic Ahmed, founder and CEO of Innovation Pavilion.

As IP continues its mission of transforming economic landscapes across the country, it will simultaneously begin a rigorous program to implement an effective infrastructure in Florence, including hiring a community project manager to coordinate the pre-development efforts. There will be many more updates to come as progress continues.


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